Though he captured the landscapes – the countryside, the beaches, Jersey artist Edmund Blampied loved people. And, before and after the German Occupation, Jersey (essentially a rural island dominated by farming) was full of characters. Alastair Layzell reports…


“I feel he was the child at school with a pencil in his hand, doodling all the time"
- Lisa Oxenden-Wray

La preunmié langue à Edmond Bliampid ‘tait l’Jèrriais, la langue tchi ‘tait faite sèrvi partoute l’Île où’est qu’i’ fut né.  La fanmil’ye à Winston Le Brun avait connu Bliampid.  Li et Tony Scott Warren lus r'jouaingnent à seule fîn d'célébrer l’oeuvre d’un artiste tch’a r’cordé eune Île qué nou n’èrvèrra d’aut’

Edmund Blampied’s first language was Jerriais, the Jersey Norman-French patois that was spoken throughout the island of his birth. Winston Le Brun’s family knew Blampied. He joins Tony Scott-Warren to celebrate the work of an artist who recorded an island we will  never see again… 

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