At Jersey Heritage there is a new determination to expand the archaeological appraisal of the whole Island. So, in a field in the parish of St Saviour, a team from University College London has been digging…

“This is basically the place  Neanderthal people were moving around on - and you don’t see that very often.
- Dr Beccy Scott

Below the great castle of Mont Orgueil on Jersey’s east coast something is stirring. As the tide ebbs and flows an Ice Age team led by Dr Beccy Scott is searching for Neanderthals…

“It’s a really accessible ancient landscape to explore in your imagination.And you’re exploring an Ice Age island"
- Dr Matt Pope

La Cotte de St Brelade is one of the most important Ice Age sites in Europe. After a pause of thirty years it’s time to carry on the excavation of this cave, but before the archaeologists can do their work the cliffs around La Cotte have to be stabilised. It’s a big and exciting project...

After the work to stabilise the cave at La Cotte de St Brelade come the archaeologists, led by Dr Matt Pope. It is thirty years since any expert entered this site – one of the most important in Europe. But this is a dig with a difference as Mary Green finds out...


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